NS 1100 gets a new motor

My Del Prado plastic magazine-loco kitbashing continues...

A long while ago I bought a bunch of motors on eBay, with the intention of using them for various loco motorisation projects. Most were quite small, however one was big and beefy with good low speed characteristics, and I thought that would be ideal for re-motorising my Del Prado NS 1100 loco.

I had previously used a not-very-amazing Life-Like motor and chassis to power the model, however the Life-Like motor was showing its age. It's bit, open sided, and only 3 pole, so it just didn't give the kind of low-speed performance I wanted from my model. Here is what it looked like:

Now for some reason I decided to replace the motor yesterday. First problem is that the replacement motor is fractionally higher than the original, so it wouldn't fit in the chassis as-in. Not a problem, I cut the chassis in half and made a new end for it out of thin styrene. Now the motor lined up perfectly:

It also meant I could move the motor further forward so now there is room for a lump of lead at the back of the chassis as well. I've also added a thin sliver of lead over the motor, though I doubt it has any significant effect. Still, it can't hurt.

Here it is with the original weight back in place. It now weighs 60 grams, and is a very solid little loco.

After a little fettling I dropped the shell back on:

I was pretty impatient to see the result, however when I dialed up the speed it as fairly disappointing. It lurched and juddered and made horrible noises. The noises were a wire hitting the motor shaft, easily fixed. The lurching and juddering took a little more work. First of all I oiled everything. Then I gave the wheels a good clean and a few drops of conductolube on the current pick-ups. Finally I gave it several hours running around in a loop on my test track.

By the end of all that, it was running very nicely!

It may not be the prettiest model, and I'm pretty sure it is a terrible representation of the real thing, however I quite like it. It has a certain boxy charm, and knowing that I took it from a $10 magazine freebie to what is now a nicely running model gives me a lot of satisfaction. Of course I still have ideas for potential improvements...

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