Snap goes the hot wire!

A little bit more progress on Mt Adams...

I cut out another length and a bit of incline today. The incline is now more than 120mm high, and has exceeded the height of my rather rough & ready hot wire machine.

Added to that, I was part way through cutting out the zig zags when with a ping, the hot wire itself snapped! So before I can incline any more polystyrene, I am going to have to repair it.

Meanwhile, in the aero dept...

Seems some of the undercarriage has gone missing, so I patched up the openings with some styrene and filler, then glued in the wheels. Once weathered and hiding in some long grass I'm sure it'll blend in just fine.

Wings have set nicely, and the filler has nicely covered up the gaps. Next stop: paint shop.

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