Messy woodwork and the first turnout

With a newly repaired hot wire cutter, progress continues once again on Mt Adams...

Today I finished cutting out the inclines. Mr Hot Wire 4000 did a great job, effortlessly cutting things nice and square. By the time I finished though it looked like a polystyrene bomb had gone off in the garage:

Next on the list was another messy job: routing out the hand grips on the module ends.

The extra bits of wood are my guides, as freehanding a massive router is a recipe for disaster.

After a quick lick with sandpaper, here is the result:

So quick recap:

Next step, assembling track. So over some TV I started assembling my first turnout. Luckily I had my original instructions to refer back to.

First off I printed out the template and stuck on my PCB sleepers, and in-filled with wooden sleepers.

Then I shaped and filed the first outer rail, and made up the frog as well:

Unexpectedly, scissors make great frog-clamps.

By the end of the evening I had the first 3 rails soldered up:

It is slow work, but going well so far.

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