Lower station trackwork complete

Lots to report today on Mt Adams...

Finished two sets of points today. I'm getting back into the swing of making turnouts, and the second went together very quickly and smoothly.

I've discovered the Dremel is great at sanding down the point blades and stock rails. Why I never thought of this before...??? It saves a huge amount of fiddly manual filing, and so my second point only took an hour or so to build.

By dinner time I had the entire crossing loop built. I ran out of sleepers part way through to had to make some more our of balsa.

With the lower station track work made, it was time to start gluing down the inlines. I tried transferring my track plan to the polystyrene using a nail, but that just left little wee invisible white holes in a mass of white. So instead I cut out the track plan so I could glue it down:

And then it was time to start gluing down the inclines!

I only have enough weights to do one section at a time, so I'll have to pop out to the garage every few hours tomorrow to glue down a bit more.

Very exciting! This means track laying can commence very soon.

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