More trackwork

Progress in Utrainia has shuddered to a virtual standstill, as the work/life balance takes a beating...

A major new contract this last week with some very tight deadlines has seen Utrainia take a backseat this week. In fact for most of the week Mt Adams has sat forlorn on the table waiting for me to give it some attention. Finally the last couple of nights I've managed to dedicate a few hours. This week (month?) the focus is on the last remaining trackwork, which involves making a double crossover. This:

Yikes. First step as ever is to print out the track plan and stick sleepers on to it. Then I spent about 3 weeks staring at it trying to work out the courage. And finally earlier this week I started cutting rail. I've started with the outside rails first, then... well a picture might be more obvious:

So far I've done steps 1, 2, and half of 3. Three is a bit fiddly, as the vees have to be spaced the correct distance from both red and purple rails, and also line up with the other rails. So it can get very fiddly. To minimise the number of potential problems, I'm building each of the blue triangles with up to nine individual rails! That way I can build up each vee individually, position it without affecting the others, then join up the gaps.

As a further aid, I made a jig on the laser cutter to help position the innermost vee for the crossover. Since I have the trackplan on the computer, it is quite easy to make up little jigs like this.

Here you can see three individual vees being positioned, with the job helping line up the top one with two other vees. Yes there are a lot of vees in this!

And here is where I got to tonight:

So far, it is going together quite nicely. Having a Dremel and a few jigs really speeds things up!

And the only other progress this week has been gluing together and lining a bit of tunnel:

I used some Red Devil lightweight spackling and just smoothed it on with a trowel and my fingers. Came out very nicely I think.

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Sunday, May 29 2016, 4:10 AM Paul P says...
Most impressed. Brave man tackling this in N gauge
Sunday, Mar 21 2021, 1:06 AM Bill P says...
Big ties make a huge difference.