Ballasting the canyon scene

Progress continues on the canyon scene. Today the hard working Utrainian railway crews laid down not one, but two, main lines.

The tracks have been carefully curved and aligned, and clearance tests done to make sure even the largest Utrainian trans will be able to pass with ease.

A quick test with the start of the rockfall shelter. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished scene, I think there are going to be a great angles.

On a roll, the hard working Utrainia engineers added some superelevation to the curves. Superelevation is where the outside edge of the curve is slightly raised, resulting in trains leaning into the curve. This allows higher speeds, as the sideways forces on a train will be counteracted by its natural tendency to lean into the curve. In other words, the passengers on any of Utrainia's luxurious high speed passenger trains will be able to travel faster, in greater comfort.

With superelevation completed, the ballasting crews moved in. They're using a special blend of ballast, freshly ground at the Utrainia quarries. Progress is slow and steady; it needs to be done properly. Last thing we want is faulty track work when a high speed train rounds the corner!

Next phase is to prepare for the rockfall shelter. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, Jun 4 2013, 7:56 PM Marc says...
You are doing amazing work. I'm going to need a rockfall shelter too eventually so looking forward to how you do yours. I don't have a CNC machine but anyways plan to do mine in wood.