Installing the rockfall shelter portals

The rockfall shelter is continuing nicely. Yesterday I spent some time cutting slots in the rock to accept the end walls of the shelter. This involved lots of slow sawing with a broken hacksaw blade, and lots of plaster dust everywhere.

Today I did a test fit and all went well. So I mixed up some "super concrete" which is pre-mixed patching plaster and PVA. The PVA makes it stickier and easier more pliable. I filled the slots with a generous helping and then pushed the portals into it. Hopefully when the plaster dries the PVA will help hold the portals in place. Any gaps I carefully filled with my "super concrete", and I added a good thing seam to the inside edges.

A machinist's square helped keep things nice and square, and a selection of overly large wagons helped check clearances.

All tests passed which means once dry I can start making a roof for it!

While I was casting the portals I also made up some end walls for the tunnels, which have now been installed and look pretty good I reckon.

Plenty more rocks to add, and then lots and lots and lots of colouring to do, until the whole scene ends up being shades-of-pale-gray. Looking forward to it though!

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