Windy Day

Windy day here in Utrainia, with a very strong winds making their way through the country. Unfortunately Sod's law was in full force today with numerous delays affecting all trains. First of all the power went out for 7 hours, taking with it the signals. Trains had to tip-toe over road crossings and radio through the paperwork for every signal. Slow to say the least! Then a loco break down meant one loco too few to run the morning services, and no time for a replacement to arrive either. As if that wasn't bad enough, the morning Shinkansen service had a rather nasty surprise when it rounded a corner to find a very large tree, split clean down the middle and all over the track!

That was the end of any kind of regular service for the rest of the day. Busses were brought in to ferry people to work, however then it was discovered that Utrainia doesn't own any busses, and so everyone got a day off work instead. Everyone except for the hard working Utrainia crews, who had to get out their chainsaws and start clearing debris off the line.

Trains are expected to start running again tomorrow, provided there are no further complications!

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Thursday, Sep 12 2013, 9:25 PM Neleh Ginnep (from Mother in law to be!!!!!!!!) says...
Brilliant! I feel buses coming on...........