Trains are rolling

Yesterday I made good progress wiring up the modules. Previously they'd sort of been connected together, but only very crudely. So I decided to come up with a better system using terminal blocks and copper tape. I popped out to our local Jaycar and picked up some supplies, then off to the PlyGuy to get some knotty pine. As usual I had to find the wood myself, they really don't have a clue what they sell down there. Then I had to tell them what the correct price per meter was. But at least now I have 30m of knotty pine, enough for lots and lots of modules.

So with fresh supplies, I attached the undersides of modules. First up I attached a thin strip of wood most of the length of the module. At each end I placed a 2 way terminal block, and ran two strips of copper tape in between. Then it's a simple matter of soldering the feeders from the rails above onto the copper "bus bars".

Between each module I ran a small length of speaker wire from terminal block to terminal block. Nice and simple, low cost, quick, but still tidy and flexible. Here you can see the link from one module to another:

And here are the power and lighting buses under Raparapa. Lighting on the left, power on the right.

Once each module was wired up, I went through and checked the track widths at each module. That done I joined them all together in a big U shape and hooked up power. A passenger train was made up and the track cleaned. Then it was time!

Here is the train stretching all the way through Raparapa and most of the way through the city scene too. It's a big train, 10 carriages.

Once all the passengers were on board, I gave the signal and the train slowly accelerated away. Even through the big electric loco hadn't been run for a year, it smoothly and quietly pulled out of the station with not a single hesitation.

Through the canyon we went:

And into the snow we went, passing a freight train that was waiting for us to cross.

Beyond that I hadn't cleaned the track, so it was time to reverse back home. It's nice to have everything hooked up and running now, although now I want to make a couple more modules so that I can do a complete circuit!

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