coastal scene

Nov 2013 8

Introducting: Utrainia Broadcast

Tonight I would like to introduce you to Utrainia Broadcast, bringing you the finest news from around Utrainia.

Their first feature is this short video of a coal train along the coast, and the express sleeper service speeding through the canyon.

The supremely observant will notice that the diesels appear to have GE motors, yet EMD bodies. What can I say...

I guess the question on everyone's lips is: when will we see a Shinkansen???

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Nov 2013 5

JR along the coast

Now that trains are running on Utrainia, I've been enjoying running some of my trains. So far I've been running the "blue train", which is a collection of Japanese rolling stock I've acquired over many years. I've always fancied the Japanese blue trains, I think because as a child my Granddad had a similar set and it's left an impression. While in Japan I made an effort to ride one of the blue sleeper trains, but my timing was off and I ended up in a dreadful series 14 unreserved cattle-class carriage during a summer student migration weekend; a rather sub-par service.

Luckily in Utrainia there are no series 14 carriages on the sleeper trains, and so all passengers are treated to a most luxurious overnight ride instead.

Usually the sleeper train departs late in the evening, travelling through the night before arriving early in the morning at its destination. During the summer months, passengers are often treated to a spectacular sunrise as the train skirts along the S...

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Apr 2013 25

The Postal Bureau of the Fraternal Republic of Utraijnia

The Postal Bureau of the Fraternal Republic of Utraijnia is Utrainia's public mail service. The have a long and proud history, stretching back to the founding of the country itself. To celebrate this fine establishment, our roving correspondent was tasked with following the daily mail run.

Post Master Alenski has been making the daily run for many decades and is a familiar face to all in Utrainia. Each day, the mail train stops at his small unassuming mail office and offloads the day's deliveries. His trusty station wagon is almost as old as his velocipede.

After sorting the mail, Alenski pushes out his velocipede and swings it onto the rails. These days he carries a small radio to let Train Control know when he is on his way, however he is so punctual that it is hardly necessary.

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Apr 2013 24

More photos from my camping trip

Some more photos from my recent camping expedition. I like this bit of coast line, lots of different places to climb out and get photos from. After I'd pitched my tent I climbed back around the coast a bit and waited for a train. I was soon rewarded by a huge freight train growling up the coast. The sun had set by now, but the headlights were making their presence known, as were the triple locos on the head.

After that it was quiet for a while so I headed back to the camp. While I was gathering up some driftwood for my campfire I head a distant rumbling, so I grabbed my camera and got ready:

Nice! A return freight heading the other way. I watched for a while then went back to toast some marshmallows.

The next morning I was up bright and early, woken by...

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Apr 2013 23

Gone camping

One of my favourite ways to escape for a weekend has always been camping by the sea. Since I was on my own this weekend, and it's been a while, I decided to spend a night under the stars. So I dug out my camping gear, loaded up the wagon, and set off for Utrainia's Coastal Highway.

I found a good spot to pull off, parked the car and gathered up my gear. After half an hour or so of clambering around the coastline I arrived at a nice quiet wee spot. I found a nice sheltered spot and pitched my tent. And as luck would have it I was right next to the mainline!

I fell asleep listening to the waves crashing into the shore, occasionally interspersed by clickety clacking as a train went past.

The next morning I rose bright and early to the fresh sea air. After breakfast I grabbed my book and camera and found a nice spot where I could comfortably read and watch the ...

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