Nov 2013 4

Birth of a new module: the viaduct

Taking a break from the city module, I decided to work on the long-delayed bridge module. So far I've made up two towers and made a rough start on the module itself. However I was finding the existing module a bit restricting, so after a bit of brain storming, decided to make a fresh start.

A plan was quickly devised and then construction started. This module is a new style for Utrainia, having a smooth curved fascia, and being of a monocoque form, where the fascia forms the structure itself. Enough talking though, it's time to assemble the materials:

6x 300mm 45x20mm knotty pine spacers 4x 260mm 45x20mm knotty pine verticals 2x 300x150mm 12mm ply ends 1x curved 3mm MDF base

Pairs of verticals were connected to...

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